The Concept

So StartupBus UK is in full gear and we’ve just set off for Brussels.


Why hold a hackathon on a bus? Because it is awesome.

Our team’s developing one of the 8 ideas selected to represent the UK – Clothesline, what we’re calling a ‘brand discovery website’

Here’s the lowdown –

1. People want to discover new brands. When you’re looking for new ideas, or new themes for your wardrobe, you want to find all the cool stuff that fits your taste.
2. But how do you find new brands online?
3. Right now, people engage with brands by going to Google and typing in the name (Zara, Topshop etc.)

The solution: Create a web platform to recommend brands based on your history of engagement with them, ala Netflix.

1. You log in.
2. You search for stuff you’re interested in (luxury products, shoes, etc.)
3. Our patented algorithms pick out brands based on what you’ve clicked on / favourited in the past, and suggest them to you.

Bam. Discovery. And now you’ve got a new store to hit when you head down the high street. Or just buy stuff online.

It’s as simple as that.